My first exhibition, a joint operation with the brilliant Drew Truslove (insta: @drewdrewathing), was a heartening experience. The opening night was so affirming and we sold seven of my artworks straight off the walls! A couple more went during the two weeks we had the Sheffer Gallery (in Darlington, run by the lovely Andrew; definitely keep your eye out for their other shows) and it was just so amazing to have friends, family and total strangers come in, wander around, and enjoy my works. 

Quite a few of them will be appearing in a novel called The Flight of Birds, my darling friend Joshua Lobb's long-awaited debut. We're not sure when it's out yet, but it will be worth the wait when it's here. I'll post a reminder to buy it when that happens.

In the meantime, here are some shots of the exhibition, mostly of me hanging my paintings with the invaluable help of my dad, photographer Bob Kersey. And of the cheese. We had a lot of cheese.

Driven to Distraction

It has been a fractured year in Inklingland, but that's no excuse for lack of new material here. Therefore, here I am to provide an update (in the shoddiest possible way) on the inklings I've completed, mostly on commission, since I worked on the website last. Prints of most of these are forthcoming. 

KT's bee
Megan's bat
Megan's snail
Laundry shed

Play your cards right ...

The first edition Kerseyink greeting card boxes are selling very well — we're almost halfway through the print run. We'll probably move on to different birds for the second run (maybe even Blue Mountains and Random European landscapes, for a real change ...) so if you're keen on those kookas get your orders in fast.

Work that has room for cinnamon whisky sipping: bonus.

Work that has room for cinnamon whisky sipping: bonus.

Pretty flash

So I just got this message on the gram: a lovely young woman has put one of my pictures on her body as a tattoo. A PERMANENT tattoo. This is blowing my mind a lot. Doesn't he look amazing? via @babiebirdie 

Our little baby magpie on a person.

Our little baby magpie on a person.